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Do you obsess over an item?

There was a time when many of us were driven by trends and buying the next new fast fashion released every week. Back then, the desire arose from magazines and commercials. Nowadays, I get my inspiration digitally from sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

After getting some tips from bloggers, I’ve been able to hone in my own personal style, so I’m much better at resisting trends completely because I know what works for me. 

Something I’ve been seeking out for years are the “perfect” pair of vintage levis. I thrifted countless mom jeans but ultimately donated them all back because I never was (and never will be) a pear shape. I had some fortune with “men’s” styles but there was always the dreaded floppy upper thigh caused by excess fabric. So I turned to contemporary, non ethically made versions. The wedgie style fits me well and I have a handful of them in different sizes. I have a pair that are so close to being “perfect” you’ve seen them posted in the feed quite often. The wash, length, and button fly are great. I just wish the front rise was an inch or so higher. The cotton is of a lighter weight too so they become dirtier sooner than thicker denim would. 

I’m not sure why, but I can’t get the idea of “perfection” out of my mind. As if finding those jeans will have some sort of mystical outcome. I think it has something to do with aspirational views of stylish people from those same inspirational sources I mentioned earlier. And perhaps because excessive consumerism is so ingrained in many of our minds, we can’t help but want want want even when we already have have have. 

Unfortunately, recognizing this does not prevent me from participating in the continual buying cycle to find the “ones.” Being an emotional shopper only conflounds things as well. But I’m hoping that by being open with this particular obsession, I can try and make better decisions in the future and be grateful for what is already working.

Are you on a never ending search for a particular piece?


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