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Can you resist shopping?

It’s always been difficult for me. 

I know some individuals are able to do so with ease, while many have no choice due to limited extra funds.

I’m an emotional shopper, I wouldn’t say “shopaholic” per say, but I have made countless want-based purchases over the years when those funds could have been saved instead.

Back at my first “real” job in high school, I made minimum wage at a fast food place. My costs were low so I was able to save a portion of the check and the rest I spent on fast fashion clothes. 

Fast forward to college and I had more things I had to pay for (books, gas, food, etc) so I had less to save as well as less to spend on fun. I continuously chose to spend on fun. I did at least choose thrifting as my 1st option for clothes because of affordability.

After graduating, even more bills arose (student loans ugh) so I made a detailed budget and made a plan to pay off CC debt. I had to work two part time jobs because not all of us with degrees are able to nail a well paying career right away. After a couple years I was successful.

Enter a few years back when I moved out and decided to finally pursue this passion project. Slow fashion is much pricier than fast fashion and there was major FOMO from some of the influencers I followed. While it’s true no one forced me to buy what they were selling, there’s this whole aspirational idea that if you get that next new thing, life will be better somehow. Against my better judgement and budget, I chose to spend on fun once again and the CC debt grew.

And now, amidst a pandemic and recession I feel that I’ve gotten a handle on that shopping urge. Sticking to my wishlist and not using credit for purchases so I can pay that off (again.) Focusing on investing in my business so I can grow professionally and financially in the future has been a nice shift for me.

Have you been able to overcome impulse purchases and make wiser financial decisions?


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