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Who have you learned from?

I am so grateful that the internet has allowed me access to learn from other Black individuals as well as other people of color. 

I grew up in a 99.99% white town with all white teachers. Even in college, all my professors were white. 

I’ve craved diversity my entire life, so I took to browsing to be able to learn from people who looked like me, but also people from different backgrounds that offered other perspectives.

Here are three accounts I’ve learned immensely from and I highly recommend you follow/support them on patreon if you’re able to.

Unravel Podcast

Joy, Jasmine, & Dana all studied fashion history and have so much experience with research, curating exhibitions, and having thought provoking conversations on their podcast. Subjects range from specific clothing items to broader trends seen throughout the ages. They also have an after dark series which discuss various sexy items as well. What I love most about their work is that important topics such as race, gender identity, sexuality, socioeconomic status have always been at the forefront.

The Fashion and Race Database

I actually learned of this from the Unravel resource page. Not only is this a place for scholars to submit, there are book recommendations and other learning resources. I dove in and saw a few awesome video discussions held by Kim at different seminars. (Would love to go to one in person one day!) There are more coming up on the calendar which I look forward to watching as well. 

Aja Barber

Aja is an incredible writer who discusses the fashion industry in an honest and passionate way. She always considers the intersections of race, gender identity, sexuality, ability, and socioeconomic status of individuals in not only the industry at large, but in this slow fashion space as well. She shares behind the scenes of trips & conferences she’s attended which offers a new perspective to many who aren’t able to attend such events. She also offers personal styling and small business guidance!

Do you seek knowledge from diverse views?


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