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Fall Wishlist

This is my favorite season so in the past I have gone a bit overboard. I am glad though that as each season passes, I become even better at resisting impulses and sticking to my wishlist. This time I had a few new items in mind along with replacements.

-Red Socks from Pansy

-Cream Sweatshirt from Aliya Wanek

-Camel Pants from Kordal Studio (replacement)

-Raw Jeans from Detroit Denim (replacement)

-All black Red Wing boots

Until next time, stay Sheek!


Low Buy

This has been a time hasn’t it? Corona has caused a great deal of suffering and also impacted many of us financially. I know I’m not the only one who was laid off as a result of it, so I hope if you’re reading this it lets you know you’re not alone.

Due to having a limited income (but still having bills to pay) I’ve entered a low buy out of necessity. I’ve tried no buys before, but always failed while obsessing over items I would buy again once it ended. In a low buy, I do still have some funds for fun items, but those items aren’t necessarily apparel. For example, I bought some oil painting supplies because I have more time and painting has always been very therapeutic for me. 

Overall I’ve done pretty well with curbing impulse buys. Exceptions to this were the STATE & Dazey LA summer releases back in May (but I was able to use Afterpay for both.) And some jeans that were on sale. Otherwise, everything else clothing-wise has been on my wishlist.

I have bought more hair/skin care though. Some regular products, but others to use with my now silver hair. I’ve thankfully not been a product hoarder for years, but I do like to have backups of my favorites to ensure ease of styling.

Here are some priorities I focus on during a low buy: 

1) Savings

My number one goal is to increase savings. I’ve been in very low places before when I didn’t have adequate savings built up and something unexpected happened. I don’t want to be in predicaments like that again if I can help it by saving now.

2) Business

This covers gear, marketing materials, prints, etc. Freelance work is another source of income, albeit inconsistent. Reallocating funds to grow my business is something that will help me in the future.

3) Contentment

Honestly, I have so much. I am thankful I have the privilege to pay more and support small brands, especially fellow BIPOC ones. Taking a look at my overabundant wardrobe helps me really decide if I should be purchasing another clothing item, or if I can put it on my wishlist and use those funds for more important matters.

Until next time, stay Sheek!


Summer Wishlist

Summer is the shortest season here, so I don’t usually have a lot on my list for it when it rolls around. The main things this time were:

– White sandals (secondhand)

– Negroni Beatrice Valenzuela sandalias (since I enjoy the maasai ones I have so much)

– Chaco sandals for outdoor/active use

– Nettle’s Tale supportive bathing suit top

– Striped bathing suit bottoms

– Patterned/not plain comfortable pants

– Cream midi skirt

Keeping an eye out for fun releases as well, and probably will add in another piece or two as the season rolls on.

Until next time, stay Sheek!


Spring Wishlist

Fortunately I’ve been able to find a majority of what was on my list over the winter (many on sale and/or secondhand.) Some items have been on my list for a year, others for a couple months. I do seek out all season cotton items year round, it just so happens I’ve had good fortune finding those specific items this year. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

-ES cream cotton canvas clyde jumpsuit (sale)

-STATE cream cotton canvas wrap pants

-Boxy white linen top (secondhand)

-3134u Red cotton dress (sale)

-Red linen pants (secondhand)

-Martiniano red glove flats (sale)

-Red denim duster jacket (secondhand)

-Black loose denim pants

I’m really set with many mix & match pieces. I’m going to keep an eye out for some of the Spring releases happening soon, but I feel better about impulse shopping because I have finally found really comfortable items that I’ve really enjoyed wearing as the weather warms up.

Until next time, stay Sheek!