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Fall Forward

We’re back to my favorite season! A change from the past few years is I’m out and about more (required unfortunately.) But the positive means I get to have fun with dressing again!

In previous posts I separated my wish list from my styling post but I thought I’d combine them this go around. I kept a running list all year and was able to find some things over the Spring & Summer instead of waiting until Fall began. Here’s what I added to my wardrobe this season and some thoughts on why as well. 


Camel Pocket Bag Blazer (69) $350

I got this in black last year and LOVE it, especially for travel. The giant pockets hold entire worlds, the denim is great for multiple seasons, and the cut is very wide and comfortable. I wanted to get this additional color for a lighter neutral option which I know will mix and match with so much.


Red Hoodie (Everybody.World) $120

I realized one rainy Summer day I didn’t have a hooded sweatshirt anymore. This is mainly because I don’t really consider them my style and once old ones no longer fit I got rid of them and didn’t replace them. The closest I have is a lounge robe made of stretchy jersey cotton. Well I saw this bright red beauty from a new-to-me brand and added it to the list. 100% cotton, a boxy fit with room in the chest, and my fav color? This will surely last me some years.  


Oversized White button ups (Nordstrom) $50 & $46

Found both of these in the anniversary sale. I was looking to replace one I thrifted awhile back that is more fitted and is made of a brushed cotton/flannel fabric. It also only has 1 chest pocket which I have never liked the look of. One of these has no pockets, and the other has two, which are both my preferenceover just one.


Loose Jeans (Re/Done via Nordstrom Rack) $50

These fit amazingly well in my waist, tummy, and legs and I’m still surprised by it. They were also an incredible deal at over 80% off retail at Nordstrom Rack. 


Cream Loafers (Alohas) $123, on sale

I’ve wanted some loafers for some years now, but not in the standard black. Looked a bit for a chunky style in this lighter hue and found these. I’ve heard positive reviews about the brand being comfortable, which is a must for any shoes I buy now.


Abstract Shape Tote (Primecut Bags) $348

Fell in love with this as soon as they released it over the summer. I’d been on the lookout for a new work bag and this one is the perfect combo of fun & me.



Striped Sweater $236


Check back later to see how I’m styling them!