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12 in 21

As the years have progressed, I’ve been steadily tracking my spending on clothing. Though I’d say the overall volume has decreased since my fast fashion/thriftaholic days, the cost has risen because slow fashion is much more expensive. I would like to work on lowering both the amount of apparel I buy as well as how much I spend on it.

Amelia (@ameliaswardrobeedit) proposed the idea of limiting ourselves to just 12 items–1 item per month–for this new year. I’m going to try my very best to stick with this because I honestly have more than enough clothes and so many are really comfy, well made favorites.


Some guidelines for myself:

At least half (6) of the items will be from BIPOC owned brands.

Shoes will count but accessories won’t (think jewelry, scarves, etc.)

Underwear/lounge won’t count, nor will replacements & self made items.

Each month I will update this post with the item I went with and details about it.


Items purchased so far: 9


Camper Pix boots $140 (on sale)


Vestige Story kindred sweatshirt $125 (BIPOC owned)


7115 by Szeki black sumo puffer $328 (BIPOC owned)


Bryr black norma stack sandal $272


Tradlands augusta floral dress $197


Aliya Wanek britt dress $265 (BIPOC owned)


Beatrice Valenzuela lichen sandalias $328 (BIPOC owned)


Ichi Antiquités linen gather dress $320 (BIPOC owned)


Sotela gingham top, shorts, & skirt $477 (BIPOC owned)

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Additional items (not counting towards total 12)


-Levi’s carved trouser $84 (on sale, replacement)

-STATE Hi vis swayers $220 (lounge)

-Ilana Kohn cerulean abe pants $238 (on sale, lounge)

-Gettes cobalt tee $21 (lounge)

Charlotte Stone darcy sneakers $200 (replacement)

-Free Label bras $225 (undies)

-Dr. Marten sandals $44 (secondhand, replacement)

-Decade Studio jeans $198 (replacement)




Make list

Here are some sewing projects I’m planning to make:

-Face print midi dress (Made!)

-Floral print boxy top

-Red canvas clyde trousers