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Setting Intentions

The start of the new year is always a good time to sit back and evaluate goals for the year. While I’ve stopped setting the cliche “lose weight” resolution many years ago, I do still pick intentions in other areas of my life. The majority are savings related, but my personal style is an area that I spend a great deal of time (and money) on as well. I’ve been tracking my spending on clothing specifically for the last couple years and have notices a steady increase. Though I am able to afford more expensive slow made items now, I don’t want to consume in excess like I used to do with fast fashion.

There are many in the community who have chosen to be transparent about money & slow fashion and I really appreciate that. I’ve always had an issue with envying others, so when I first delved into following slow fashion, I was jealous of how influencers were sent high cost items and bought pricier things on a weekly basis. But thanks to being grateful for what I have, others being open to talk about what big influencers ignore (i.e. money & budgeting,) and knowing that just by choosing to post what I enjoy, positive feelings prevail.

I haven’t picked a specific number of items or a total amount to spend, but I have made a plan. Items I put on my wishlist will have a longer wait time before buying. During that wait time, I will really consider if the item would fill a hole in my closet. Then I will plan as many ways as I possibly can to style it. After I have done those steps, and the item still looks like it’d be a nice addition, I will purchase. I have collected a few favorites over last year especially, so anything I add in should become a favorite as well and not wind up in the “regret” section.

If you find yourself in a similar position with style goals but are tempted to buy, here are some recommendations:

Focus on inspiration

Whether it be Pinterest or Instagram, try searching for looks comprised of your favorite items. You may find a new way to style them!

Try a style challenge

These are so much fun. I love the encouragement everyone shares with one another and it really helps you be creative with what you already have.

Choose a specific something to save on

It could be a vacation or a new tech item or whatever you decide you’d like in the future. I find this is very helpful in dissuading me from spending money on clothes.

Talk about it

Maybe with your partner, a close friend, or someone you trust in the community. Sometimes it just helps to have someone listen and understand.

Until next time, stay Sheek!