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Red Jumpsuit


When I saw Everlane planning to release linen jumpsuits, I was ready. This color is not only my favorite, it’s also one I haven’t seen offered by other places. I just got into jumpsuits this year, and I’ve been purchasing them slowly as I see ones on sale.


Everlane isn’t a perfect brand, but they still offer many accessible price points to those interested in slow fashion. I’m not a fan of their FOMO marketing tactics on Drops, inaccurate description of the latest sneaker, and lack of diversity on their social media accounts regarding reposts from customers. (Unfortunately, I doubt they’ll feature this size L black woman on one of their accounts even though I look #damngood in their products; all of which I buy myself ? ?)


Despite this, I still can find quality items I wear very often mixed in their releases. This jumpsuit is one of them.






Glasses – EyeBuyDirect

Watch – Shinola

Sandals – Birkenstock