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Elizabeth Suzann

Here is my #ESintros (thanks for starting it up LB)

I’m pretty sure I first heard of/saw Elizabeth Suzann from reading Style Bee many years ago. I wasn’t really drawn in by the simple shapes or neutral colors at first. Fast forward to last year (2019) when I finally started this passion project Sheek. I saw many in the community OBSESSED with the brand (looking at you #asiansistren) but I still didn’t really feel the need to own anything from ES.

Well after seeing so many reviews of good quality & craftsmanship, and seeing the brand work hard on size inclusion & diversity of models/partners, I understood a bit better what the hype was about.

This is my first piece from ES, which I asked Mate to get me for the Holidays last December. This is a great jacket that I’ve worn so much since receiving and is especially useful for shoots when I need extra gear so those pockets are wonderful.

The only downside to this, being cotton canvas is that it attracts lint like CRAZY and I’m constantly worried I look like I have a dandruff problem (if anyone has a tip that doesn’t just mean lint rolling every day please let me know!)

A bit more about me – I’m a graphic designer/photographer in the Detroit area. I love cosplaying and going to nerdy conventions when I can, and spend most of my free time watching Sci Fi shows with Mate. A big desire of mine is to be able to travel more to learn more about & experience different cultures. In the meantime, I love seeing other people’s travels & recommendations so please keep sharing so we can live vicariously through you!

All-in-all I’m glad I finally stopped letting doubt stop me from starting this passion project. I’ve been introduced to so many amazing individuals, and am really grateful for this slow fashion community ?


Dress – Two Days Off

Earrings – Etsy

Glasses – Zenni Optical

Beanie – Everlane

Boots – Blundstones

Belt Bag – Nordstrom Rack