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Cream Toppers x 3

7115 by Szeki
Elizabeth Suzann
Kordal Studio

SUMO COAT⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I will admit that this was a complete impulse buy. I know in my intentions I said I would focus on patience, but old habits die hard. I think due to seeing inspiration styling soft jackets like this the past few months plus just feeling eh about winter in general, I caved when I saw this release. (But you better believe I used that 15% off welcome coupon!)

Aside from the color, I was interested in it being made of entirely natural materials (as opposed to the prevalent synthetic in most puffers.)  There is no exaggeration when they say you feel like you’re wrapped up in a cloud in this. This is good for above freezing days, but due to the thickness, is reserved as an outside coat for me. It’s also short and I’m not a fan of how the majority of my duster length toppers look underneath it.

Also wanted to add in some much needed melanin as their feed consists of only white & Asian models. There were a couple customer reposts in the “tagged” section that were different than that, but no more than a dozen. I noticed there were other brands that dressed their diverse models in 7115 by Szeki. Would love if they hired Black & Brown models and bigger sizes especially since they’re based in NY!

Fashion “rules” have always warned that my body shape should not draw attention to the upper portion and instead wear fuller items on the bottom to “be more flattering.” Been combating that notion for years (first with my skinny jean obsession in high school & college) and now embracing my love for jackets and toppers that make all kinds of statements.

If you want to wear a certain item but think you can’t for whatever reason, I urge you to reconsider. Personal style should be a way you express yourself, a way to have fun, a way to be comfortable no matter what silly “rules” say.



Nabbed this Elizabeth Suzann clyde trench in one of the sample sales last year. I was torn between the natural & black but wound up asking Mate to get me the black for the Holidays. As chance would have it, saw this in my size shortly after and decided to go for it. So slightly impulsive, it has become one of my favorite toppers that goes with absolutely everything and actually provides decent warmth layered in winter (unlike linen. I said what I said.)

The roomy fit allows me to overlap the front and secure with a belt which gives a whole new look of a dress! This particular colorway of cotton canvas is very soft as well, I’m sure the new mix will be even softer as Liz shared.

This has been great as a layering piece for cold weather so far, and I know it’ll work well for warm weather as well. It would be awesome for travel too!



I’ve had my eye on this since last fall, but didn’t really get into the soft jacket look until winter came and I became so sick of the cold. Similar to the sumo coat, but different in that this is a more streamlined shape that I can wear comfortably inside and offers a touch more warmth than my clyde trench. Basically, this is the perfect combo of both.

I am pleased that Kordal features diverse models regularly on their feed, and have a strong ethical principle at the base of their brand.

I am able to layer this underneath the sumo coat for an extra cozy and warm enough for winter look as well.


Turtleneck & Boots – Secondhand

Jumpsuit – Elizabeth Suzann

Socks – old fast fashion