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Transitional Tips

Summer is probably my least favorite season in terms of style whereas Fall is my forever champion. When it’s very hot, I wear as little as I possibly can at home. If in a work setting, I focus on loose silhouettes and lightweight fabrics. Once it cools down, I am ecstatic to start layering again.

September is still quite warm now (thanks climate emergency) but I am able to add in more Fall elements as the season progresses. Here are some ways I transition from minimal looks to maximalist creations.  



As I mentioned earlier, I wear as little as possible when it’s hot. Though I have been rocking minimal silver studs and my Africa pendant, those are it. Recently picked up this chunkier chain which I think will look great with button ups and turtlenecks later in the season.

Watches have actually been one of my favorite accessories for years (and useful too) so now is a great time I like to start wearing them again.



One of my favorite style elements of a look is to see an unexpected pop of color or pattern from socks. They’re not only functional to help stave off the chill, they’re fun too. I think they’re cute with derbys and mary janes in Spring, but in Fall I go for more practical sneakers or boots.



Love when a piece is versatile and can be worn multiple ways. I like to keep on wearing lightweight summer dresses open as dusters once things cool down.