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Have you made new discoveries this year?

Amidst all the changes of 2020, we also moved this year. We found a much nicer place and are feeling more settled now.


Organizing has become a form of therapy for me. With so much out of my control, making sure everything has a place and is seen is very important. Food waste has been cut down immensely and it’s easier to plan meals when I know what we have.


I notice now that once I find an item I absolutely love, I no longer feel the need to replace it a couple months later. Our boob shower curtain and the illustrated bodies bedding were both pricey, but ethically made and in my fav black & white (neutral yet artsy fun.) I actually make the bed everyday now because I love looking at the duvet!


My love/need for thrifting came in handy when we were able to use the dining set I bought many years ago from goodwill that had been at my parents. And even though I looked online for couches, I didn’t want to order something I couldn’t sit in. Low and behold I found exactly what I was looking for (black leather) at a local vintage store for less than what I had budgeted for.


The biggest thing for me was really making our place feel like home. The old apartment didn’t feel that way as I had moved in later with Mate. With this place we both came in together and combined our aesthetics to make something even the parents complimented haha. Since I have been home most of the year and now Mate is too, I think it’s important for us to enjoy it together.

What realizations has 2020 brought for you?


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