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Do you censor yourself?

I know I do. 

This can come in the form of not saying certain words, sharing particular ideas, or being completely honest with others. It’s unfortunate, but many of us still have to “watch what we say” because we could be punished otherwise.

If you notice, I don’t really swear on social media. Chock it up to a strict Christian upbringing and knowing that companies look up their employees’ profiles and can use what they say as reason for firing, cutting benefits, etc. 

But I’m also sure my social activism prompts are also glanced at by potential hiring managers as “too political.” These questions may make some uncomfortable, but I do believe the discussions from them are a way I can help others.

I’m not judging fellow BIPOC who say any and everything on their account (unless it is harmful.) But it is an immense privilege to not rely on a company’s payroll to cover bills and needs. Community based support is awesome, but unfortunately we’re not all at that point. Until that future is more feasible for all of us with marginalized identities, expect us to hold back on some things.

Do you refrain from sharing to avoid retaliation?


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