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What about size inclusive footwear?

I remember in my youth when I grew a size each year. Finally in teendom they landed at 9.5-10. I inherited those too-large-for-my-height feet from my mom and have always been insecure about them. (Specifically because I seemed to be surrounded by women with smaller more “feminine” sizes and being seen as “feminine” was so sought after because of binary nonsense.)

As a way to deal with that insecurity, I’ve always been a lover of fun footwear. From my minimum wage payless days to now spending several $$$ on a quality pair, shoes are some of my favorite practical accessories. 

Over the years I’ve wasted funds on so many uncomfortable pairs. A few years back I decided to only purchase comfortable, quality made, soft leather shoes from then on. And to not buy a size smaller to “feel better” about having big feet. 

Unfortunately, similar to there not being enough plus sizes in slow fashion, there is a great lack of larger shoe sizes as well. Some brands only go up to a size 10 and are reviewed as running small so myself and so many others are not able to purchase. 

And don’t get me started on the lack of our sizes at the thrift store. I think once we find some we like, we hold on for a long while unlike smaller sizes. Though I have had good fortune on secondhand sites like

A big advantage of being a larger size is I’m able to fit men’s styles, which depending on the brand, are made to last longer and are a touch wider. But because of that binary again, many “men’s” styles still look a certain way (neutral, chunky, simple.) If a size 12 individual was looking for heels they’d be out of luck from these brands. 

Though the majority of what they sell is fast fashion, nordstrom rack does offer so many more sizes and traditionally “girly” styles. I think they go up to a 14? Before corona I would frequent there because it was nice to be able to try shoes on in store, vs relying on hearsay online. 

Are shoemakers caught in the misguided notion that people with larger feet don’t want quality shoes made in traditionally “girly” styles?

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