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What are you going to do now?

White people, do you have steps to take to ACTUALLY fight for us this time? Because all I smelled was performative bull back in June. The effort faded away like a “trend” but let me tell you, OUR JUSTICE IS NOT A TREND! If you “did the work” maybe more of your cousins wouldn’t have put their support in an evil, hateful being.

I’m going to focus on my own, telling them about the horrible truth about various white owned corporations. I’m going to further prioritize supporting local Black & Brown first, because building up our communities is so important and apparently we can’t rely on ya’ll to keep your word. 

If you’re white in this space, don’t be surprised if we BIPOC are wary of you. We’re tired of having to “prove” our pain to you. We’re sick of thinking people with more power will actually follow through. And we’re done with you saying you’re “shocked/dismayed/worried” a few times in your life when many of us have lifelong trauma because of the white supremacy we live in.

How will you truly show up for Black and Brown folks?

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