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What is “self care” for you?

I know it has many definitions depending on the person. For me it involves activities that help my body and mind.

Since quarantine started, I’ve focused on upping my skincare game. Since I wasn’t wearing makeup anyway, it seemed like the perfect time. I found a brow growth serum that actually works, some great moisturizers that fade my acne scars, and recently started gua sha which is really helping my face absorb all the goodness.

In terms of body care, I only really delved in last month since I had been neglecting it all Summer (better late than never right?) Replaced my body wash brush, started dry brushing, exfoliating regularly, and using body oil since my skin had been feeling a bit dry. Hoping to get rid of residual ingrown hairs and fade scarring so next Summer the skin will be glowing!

The only consistent makeup I always wear is nail polish. I do them myself with my gel LED light and find it to be such an enjoyable weekly experience. 

I’ve changed out my nightly vitamins to a Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc combo and Evening Primrose Oil. I’ve noticed an improvement of my skin from the primrose and the calcium combo has helped me get better sleep. Speaking of sleep, I still go to sleep at the same time everyday and wake up at the same time just like before when I was working. I find that routine is something that I can control and schedule the day that way.

Watching & reading stuff just for fun is a nice way to decompress from harder topics. Also doing hobbies that aren’t tied to monetary gain are great as well. 

Lastly, dark chocolate or a few cookies everyday. Treats are always a welcome way to lower my stress levels. 

What activities really nourish you?


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