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Are you tempted by new releases?

Even though many responsible brands release items far less often than fast fashion, they do still stick to the typical FW & SS seasons. As a result, we as consumers see a lot of new right about now in preparation for cooler Fall weather. How we react to that newness will vary.

Perhaps it’s because I don’t follow certain influencers anymore, or maybe it’s because I’m allocating funds to moving costs right now, but either way I resisted this time. I’m talking releases from many of my fav brands (Aliya Wanek, STATE, Only Child, Arq, etc.)

I did order a replacement/larger size for a coat from 7115 Szeki (used the coupon + some earnings I made from poshmark.) But since that was on my Winter wishlist, I don’t count that as an impulse. 

I feel that my goal of being more content with my closet is really coming to fruition this year (all the horrendous rest aside.)

Do you add in impulse items from new releases or stick to your wishlist?

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