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How do you use your power?

So much of what’s happening in the world can make us feel powerless. The climate crisis. Individual’s reproductive rights taken away. Countless lost from the pandemic. My people never truly feeling safe in this nation. And so much more. Although there are definitely people with far too much power in this world, there’s a way for us in the general public to combine our efforts.

Power is privilege.

Power is money.

Power is time.

Power is education.

Power is access.

Power is skill.

Power is standing up for what’s right.

2020 isn’t over yet, and we’re swiftly approaching the election. The system is still flawed, but we need to get that orange thing out of office for a slightly more hopeful future. Check on your registration and make a voting plan if you haven’t already.

Will you use your power to help those who need it most?

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