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Who nourishes you?

I enjoyed all the plus conversations that happened at Alice Alexander. I was chubby as a child but soon obsessed with being smaller as a teen/young adult. I’ve only recently entered the cusp of plus and now am understanding some (definitely not all) of the struggles so many of ya’ll have faced. I have learned to have more empathy for my fat family members these past few years and to shut down fatphobia when I see/hear it.

My favorite panels were definitely ones with my Fam because I have always been and will always be Black. My size and socioeconomic status may change, but race isn’t going anywhere.

I feel like I’m playing catch up to learn from my people after an entire life filled with only white knowledge. Seeing you all sharing filled me with such inspiration and joy. Looking forward to everyone becoming better in this slow fashion space because of you!

Are you able to gain knowledge from people in your fam/community?

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