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Have you attended a fashion event?

Considering my passion for the subject, I actually never have. The closest was a natural hair show years ago that I actually got to model for and walk down the runway for peeps to see me and my fro haha.

Alice Alexander is having their Redefining Fashion conference this week and I’m so glad I’ll be able to participate. We were originally planning to go to Slow for All for my b-day trip in Spring, but then covid and cancellations. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend something in person one day, but the good thing about it being virtual is there are more speakers that live further away able to join in. (Like big sis Aja!)

I’m an introvert and not the best at networking, but I look forward to the conversations that will be held here as well as deeper ones that have occured in the slow fashion community. Will also try to style it up outfit wise even though I won’t be seen.

Do you like to attend fashion conferences or meetups?

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