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Are you actively showing support?

Hi to all the peeps who watched me ask for support on my photography page but did absolutely nothing about it. (FYI following and sharing are free. Appreciate the few that did!)

The gusto was poppin’ a few months back but like I mentioned in my “Have you moved on?” post, it looks like many of you supposed “allies” have. I see challenges, gifted this and that, no talk about social injustice whatsoever. 

What happened to that “icky” feeling ya’ll had when you thought about posting the same old content? The promise that “things will change on my platform and I vow to uplift BIPOC voices BLAH BLAH BLAH.”

I’m not seeing it, so either you lied or intended to do so but prefer to go back to the complacency you had before.

Will you ever relinquish your power and allow my people to grow?

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