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Have you missed “real” clothes?

I sure have. At first, when quarantine began I was excited to be able to wear comfy clothes and forego the makeup because it was the first time I worked from home.

Then there was no work so no reason to put on anything other than pjs. Laundry has been greatly minimized during this time (good thing too what with the whole coin shortage and us not being able to get quarters anywhere.)

But I have missed expressing myself through my clothing choices on a daily basis. There is a little bit shared here on insta, but it is only a peek of a rare weekend look. 

It is an incredible privilege to be able to share in the first place, and I appreciate everyone who has been inspired by what I’ve shown thus far.

Do you know what I miss most? 


If you’ve followed me for a bit, you know that a pair of fitted, booty poppin’ light wash denim is a staple in my year round wardrobe.

This week wasn’t as hot, so I decided to break in a new pair. I changed out of my “pajama” arq tank to a “wear outside” arq tank. And although the ensemble wasn’t as comfy as pjs, I felt a bit more like myself.

Has your style changed due to the pandemic? Do you feel confident with the change? Or have you become less enthused about fashion?


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