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Wool Coats x 3


While I’m always a fan of wool coats, I especially appreciate when they have a nice texture. Matching my shoes to my coat is another tried & true styling trick.

OTHER ITEMS: Turtleneck & Boots – Everlane | Jeans – Levis | Beanie – Swak Couture


Coats are usually an investment piece, but finding vintage ones made with great care & of lasting quality materials is a way to cut down on cost. Especially easy to find in a neutral color, like this camel.

OTHER ITEMS: Turtleneck & Beanie – Everlane | Jeans – Levis | Boots – Marshall’s


You knew there’d be a red one too right? Love the multi-color speckles in this coat, it makes it so fun for the coldest time.

OTHER ITEMS: Turtleneck – Everlane | Jeans – Levis | Boots – Blundstones | Beanie – Claire’s (old)