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Sheek BIPOC Week


Last year for Fashion Revolution Week I focused on secondhand items. This time I want to highlight a handful of my favorite BIPOC made pieces. Thanks to @buyfrombipoc, I really put an emphasis on prioritizing supporting makers of color, who often don’t have as much opportunity for growth as white brand owners. Please try and support us if you can, I have a whole blog post dedicated to this topic called “Support BIPOC” if you need ideas.


My love for this dress will never cease. A truly all season wear item and I will enjoy styling for years to come.

ITEMS: Dress – Two Days Off | Sandals – Secondhand



This top was a recent addition that I bought on sale and added the 30% off coupon to save even more. Rorange is a color that really brightens my mood, so when I’m able to find items in that particular hue, I’m especially glad (you know I love matching.)

ITEMS: Top – Ilana Kohn | Jeans – Levis | Shoes – Zou Xou



These have the double plus side of having an adjustable waist and cropped length to show off a myriad of fun socks.

ITEMS: Jacket – Elizabeth Suzann | Tank – Arq | Pants – Aliya Wanek | Socks – Hansel From Basel | Sandals – Birkenstocks



A month early b-day gift from Mate, I’ve been eyeing this particular piece for over a year but wasn’t sure of sizing. It’s marked “S” but I’m typically a 2X in tops and it still has the intended oversized fit. Hopefully that’s helpful in case anyone is looking at this piece in the future.

ITEMS: Jacket – Atelier Delphine | Tee – Everlane | Pants – Only Child | Sandals – Secondhand



These are some of my comfiest pants and the thicker material + longer length make them extra suitable for our endless winters in MI.

ITEMS: Jacket – Aliya Wanek | Tee – Everlane | Pants – Anglan | Shoes – Secondhand



Another favorite dress in a classic print. This one is a lighter cotton than the Jordan and has pockets plus a waist tie for changing up the look.

ITEMS: Dress – Two Days Off | Shoes – Martiniano