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Fashion Revolution Week

Happy Fashion Revolution Week! 


One of the recommendations from the Fashion Revolution website is to write/record/shoot a fashion love story for your favorite items. This really speaks to me as someone who is actively trying to reduce the overspending I do on clothing, I find that creating for Sheek helps dissuade the shopping urges.


Yet at the same time, it can be so tempting to buy more when people you follow post new items multiple times a week. I also can’t help but envy when they were gifted those items from brands because then that gives them more leeway in their budget for other things. But envy is something I’ve struggled with my entire life in other areas as well, so I could be projecting that feeling onto others when I honestly shouldn’t be.


Regardless of whether seeing these new items causes desire for them or joy from them, I would love if you join me this week for my spin on the Fashion Revolution Love Story.


Instead of centering on something new, why don’t we focus on our favorite secondhand items? If you are purchasing (vs using what you have or making it) this is the most responsible (and usually more affordable) way to consume. Not only are you saving that item from rotting in a landfill, you’re also reducing the overall energy/pollution new clothing can potentially create.


This is a bit more accessible to those who have lower incomes and/or tight budgets as well which is definitely a positive!


I wouldn’t call this a challenge, more like a fun activity in our community that will hopefully communicate Sheek’s mission; to be an inspirational resource of responsibly made & secondhand apparel (emphasis on the latter in this instance.)


Pick out your favorite secondhand item(s) and post a pic of it with a description of why you love it. Show a few different ways you like to style it. Share where you found it and/or your favorite brick & mortar or online secondhand stores. Uncover a family heirloom or sentimental hand-me-down. There are so many ways to participate, I hope you will!


Let’s all use the hashtag #SecondhandSheekStory so we can see what everyone comes up with and get that wonderful inspiration!


My items:

Granny’s Straw Hat

This is an item I don’t wear. Not because I don’t want to, but because my hair is usually too big for it to stay on haha. This was my granny’s favorite hat. She’d wear it most days on top of her freshly brushed & greased hair that she wore back in a braid with a soft mini scrunchy keeping it in place. Granny moved in with us when I was little and she always made sure we ate well. Even when she had health problems she was always kind to me and could make me laugh with a story. She passed some years back when I was beginning college.


After high school, I didn’t have a graduation party because I knew unlike most of my white friends who got a bunch of money from them, my lower-middle class family wouldn’t be able to provide that. But Granny still gave me a very generous gift of $750 (which was definitely a lot, even now!) I used that to pay for the rest of a required class I took the summer before college because there was a small scholarship “discount” but the rest had to be paid in a month.


Granny was looking out for me before I knew it, and though she was old fashioned at times, I know she loved me and my family unconditionally. I miss her dearly, but every time I see this straw hat, I see her wearing it, smiling back at me.


Daddy’s Camera Bag

(I am referring to my father, not a lover just in case anyone is wondering ?)


When my dad was a young man, he had many hobbies. Karate, playing guitar, technology, and shooting film photography to name a few. He took a couple of classes in college and really enjoyed it. He probably shot landscapes the most.


Ironically, I didn’t become a photographer because of him. I still view my dad as the “musical” one and my mom as the “visual” one, but you could say creativity is engrained in my DNA.


Most of his old cameras and accessories are long gone. Sold or given away as the years passed by. One thing that remains is this bag. I actually caught my parents trying to throw it away a few years back (you know I promptly snatched it from the pile!)


I do enjoy the classic, vintage look of this, but what I love most is that my dad used this for years and held onto it for years and now I’m going to be able to use it for years as well. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to pass this on to my niece or nephew as well.


Thin Striped Cardigan 


This is probably the oldest/most worn thrifted item I have. Found it at Goodwill for a few bucks and have worn it countless times since. I’ve traveled with it, worn it in chilly offices, and rocked it on many a brisk day. It’s simple and goes with absolutely everything. Definitely one of my favorites.


Wood Panel Purse

This is the most unique item I’ve found thus far. During summertime, I prefer small purses like this to carry things in. Initially seeking the ever popular basket style, I was pleasantly surprised to find this wooden one last year at an amazing multi-level vintage store in Minneapolis.


Olive & Cream Reversible Jacket


This is my most recent find (I know, I broke my no-buy ?) It was only $4 from Goodwill! This is an awesome reversible olive & cream maxi jacket made in a cotton/polyester mix. There was nothing wrong with it aside from a few loose buttons on the cream side (which was an easy fix.) This is a great weight for the transitional weather now as well as later in fall.


Would’ve included my Ruby Docs but already put them away for the winter (plus just did a post on them last month.) A couple of the items I’ve chosen will have their own dedicated features in the future as well, so look out for them!