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Runwell Watch


To be honest, I didn’t have a true “need” for another watch when I purchased this back in May 2018. I got it in my head that after moving to Detroit, the next logical step was to have a Shinola Watch. I admired the company and what its values were for years and wanted to support it. I definitely splurged on this one, justifying it with my upcoming birthday. Initially, I felt guilty about spending so much when I could have used that money on other moving related items. But after wearing this in the summertime everyday with the light tan leather strap it came with, occasionally switching to a red strap I also bought, and this mesh silver one for fall/winter, I can certainly say my CPW is significantly lower than any of my other accessories. I love the size of it, that the numbers are silver and the face is copper, that the design is iconic yet classic at the same time, and that it was made right in my backyard of Detroit. This particular coloring is no longer available, but they have a variety to choose from on their website.







Watch Strap – Amazon

Earrings – Secondhand

Rings – Bass