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Ruby Docs


I have so many shoes in shades of red, but I’ve been hunting for my favorite style–the ever versatile Chelsea Boot–to add to my repertoire. Finding this ruby color (vs. bright red or burgundy) is a lot harder than you’d think. Finding my size in secondhand shoes that are actually my style is even harder! So while perusing etsy recently, I was PUMPED when I saw these babies from LONDONBAY.┬áThese are what I’ve been seeking for months, both use and new. I couldn’t pass up getting them because I knew a chance like this might not happen again. So far, I have not regretted the higher price of these because I’ve worn them almost everyday as winter drags on and on.








Coat – Nordstrom Rack

Turtleneck – Secondhand

Jeans – Levi’s

Earrings – Handmade

Glasses – Eyebuydirect