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Rorange Jacket

Atelier Delphine

So after receiving the ruby colored haori that had been on my wishlist for over a year as a birthday present, I fell in love with this particular style of jacket. Due to various monitor displays (as well as the photographer’s editing) the ruby looked a bit more like a true red but turned out to be darker. I liked it, but still held out hope for a brighter version as well. I looked at Atelier Delphine’s spring offerings and there was this beautiful rorange called “neon peach.” The jacket was sold out so I sort of gave up on it. Low and behold, months later I checked the site again and saw one in stock! This is definitely the last big buy for awhile, but I know I will get so much wear being a favorite color and made in such a breezy, layerable fabric.


Tank – everlane

Shorts – Secondhand

Sandals – Birkenstocks

Necklace – Mia Serafini Art

Sunglasses – old ff