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Maasai Sandalias 33 ways

Beatrice Valenzuela

To fill my want of having a comfortable pair of red sandals for lots of walking, dressy enough for work, and high quality that would last for years, I decided to invest in a pair from Beatrice Valenzuela.


Found 1 size bigger than my usual from a slow fashion site in what I’m guessing is the discontinued color “Maasai” (i.e. a wonderful coral red!) Thankfully, they fit perfectly! Which means these actually run small despite what the website says. 


If and/or when you’re able to spend a lot on something, I always recommend investing in good quality, comfortable shoes. These were definitely an investment for me, so I did a fun challenge showing how I plan to wear them 33 different ways.


I hope these looks will help inspire you if you happen to have some red shoes you’ve had trouble styling. Or you could adapt these looks to any other bright color you have as well!


Variation 1 | JEANS

Pairing these sandals with your favorite jeans and different tees are really simple looks to achieve.





Variation 2 | DENIM SHORTS

For the heat when you can’t be bothered to wear pants. Just like the jeans, you can change out tops for many different looks.





Variation 3 | BLACK TROUSERS 

Black pants are such a simple item, yet they are so versatile for mixing and matching with a bright red like this.




Variation 4 | CREAM TROUSERS 

Light bottoms offer a nice change especially when matching other red elements throughout the look.




Variation 5 | OCHRE TROUSERS 

Sometimes it’s nice to have a different color within the same color family contrast with a bright.





Variation 6 | MULTI COLOR TOP

Matching your top in some way to your shoes is a really easy styling trick to instantly look cohesive.






Whatever the hue, denim is the ultimate neutral that these sandals can always match.





Variation 8 | DRESSES

So easy to throw on & these add a nice pop of color.




Variation 9 | SETS/JUMPSUITS

Matching your top to your bottoms is easy-peasy and these shoes will keep everything comfy.