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Let’s Get Earthy Challenge


DAY ONE – CLAY  (warm, connected)

Starting off the #LetsGetEarthyChallenge with this Tradlands chore coat in Sienna. Ya’ll know that burnt orange is my favorite earth tone, and toppers are my favorite clothing items, so combining the two is even better.

Tradlands is a great brand for basic button ups and tees, and I’m glad they’ve been working on increasing their sizes as they grow & can’t wait until even more can enjoy! Though my first item I tried from the brand a couple years back wasn’t the best (the chinos,) the customer service was impeccable, and they refunded the pants even though I didn’t ask for one. I do enjoy wearing their soft cotton gingham pajama pants I caught on sale last winter, using the really durable la femme tote from summer, and most recently the awesome striped turtleneck; a cold weather staple of mine.

*This jacket was gifted as a participant of the challenge, with the agreement to wear during the challenge and help bring attention to Tradlands joint giveaway. Check out their page for more details!

Chore coat (Tradlands) | White turtleneck (Secondhand) | Light wash jeans (Levis) | Honey chelseas (Everlane) | Burnt Orange beanie (old FF) | Constance Crossbody (Tree Fairfax)


DAY TWO – MOSS  (soft, cozy)

Whenever I wear olive, I love pairing it with black & white (or cream in this case.) Found this awesome vintage coach purse a couple months back and it’s the perfect size for taking my camera and another lens on shoots.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Dark denim topper (Only Child) | Olive turtleneck (Marshalls) | Black jeans (Levis) | Taupe boots (Everlane) | Cream bag (Secondhand)


DAY THREE – OCHRE  (happy, fun)

I feel like yellow ochre/mustard is a color that can work for so many different skin tones. These were some vintage “mens” pants I found awhile back that fit pretty well aside from being a wee snug in the waist and originally being much too long so I cut a few inches off the hem.⠀

Chore coat (Tradlands) | White turtleneck, Mustard pants, & White derbys (Secondhand) | Sun socks (Hansel from Basel)


DAY FOUR – SAND  (light, soft)

I found this dress at goodwill at the beginning of fall and it’s an amazing linen-cotton blend. It would be perfect for the heat of summer, but I’ve been able to make it fall ready with layers galore!

Camel topper (Only Child) | Tan linen dress & ruby docs (Secondhand) | Black leggings (Old h&m) | Ruby beanie (Nordstrom Rack)


DAY FIVE – SEA  (cool, flowy)

This denim dress was an accidental gem I found over the summer at Goodwill. It somehow fits my bust & waist perfectly and that NEVER happens with button up items. Also love that I can unbutton this all the way and wear it like a duster as well.

Mid Denim dress & Black turtleneck (Secondhand) | Mid denim pants (The General Public) | Black boots (Dr martens)


DAY SIX – SOIL  (lively, grounded)

This flannel was a recent goodwill find and is the epitome of fall in my mind. A great thick cotton that’s perfect for layering.

Plaid flannel (Secondhand) | Cider turtleneck  & Cream Pants (Everlane) | Charcoal boots (Dr Martens)


DAY SEVEN – ROCK  (strong, structured)

I found these Chelsea Docs from a Buffalo Exchange in Chicago a couple years ago and they’re still some of my favorites. Sleek + comfy = very versatile shoes.

Black turtleneck & boots (Secondhand) | Stripe dress (Two Days Off Clothing) | Black leggings (Old h&m)