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James Glasses


I recently realized that of all the glasses I had, I was only wearing my black & white cat-eye’s and a white wayfarer style. The main reason was because I’ve grown in not only age, but also cheek size, so the other frames I possessed looked too small and weren’t flattering anymore. I wanted to get a rose gold option that would break up the monochromatic nature of the other two yet still be an option that would match a great deal of what I wore. These James Glasses in Dusty Rose were the answer. I’m not typically a fan of tortoise pattern (it blends in too much with my skin/freckles) but this pale rose color still provides enough contrast on my face so the frames don’t wind up looking lost. I love the balance of metal & acetate, and these have become the perfect frames when I want to feel a little more dressed up. As for other accessories, I like to bring in a bit more rose gold, but find tri-color jewelry matches just as well.








Earrings – Handmade

Watch – Fossil