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Comfy Suits 6 ways

You Swim

After years of seeing these stretchy wonders mentioned, I decided to give them a try. I still have a suit I like from last year, but the bottoms were fitting snug in the waist and the top has an underwire (very supportive but it can dig if worn for long periods.) A suit that adapted when my size shifted an inch or so definitely has appeal.

It actually wasn’t due to prompting from influencers, instead I was glad to see it on fellow size XL-XXL folks. They advertise only going up to a size L, but I’ve seen it worn by various people in the early plus range despite that. They have released a statement saying they are working on making the next size to include more plus sizes so hopefully that happens soon!

My first impression is: I definitely get the hype! They are very comfortable, the fabric is somehow soft even though it’s made of nylon, and doesn’t dig into me like swimsuits I have from previous years that no longer fit.

Rosso is a color I didn’t even know they had until perusing the website. A small restock happened so I was able to order. Glad that I’ll be able to wear these bottoms with my more supportive red top as well.

The verve style is new and I thought it’d be nice to have the option of a water friendly tank or shorts for the waterpark or a trip on the river. They can be worn together or mixed and matched depending on the need.

Here are 6 ways I’d wear these comfy suits!



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OTHER ITEMS: Shorts – Secondhand | Sandals – Chacos | Fanny pack – Topo Designs



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