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Black Moc Boots

Red Wings

Red Wings are always something I’ve admired on others, but wasn’t really sure if they were my style. I found some rust chelsea versions on super sale at The Rack last year and they pair with quite a bit. While looking for inspiration for the classic moc style, I saw 99% of the outfits consist of dark denim jeans and a button up shirt worn by cis men. “Women’s” styling pairs them with frilly dresses, which is cute but not my Fall style at all. So I thought I’d continue simply admiring.

But everything changed when I saw these mono black versions.

Cream may be my favorite neutral, but black is definitely second on the list. It is classic, cool, chic, and is very easy to pair with so many different items. Plus, I won’t have to worry about a light colored sole collecting all the dirt. I also really like the shorter vamp on these so I can show off fun socks with my cropped pants. I further personalized them with some fun red speckled laces.


Jumpsuit – Elizabeth Suzann

Top – Eileen Fisher

Socks – Pansy

Phone Case – Hand & Hide

Laces – Whiskers

Mask – Selfmade

Sunglasses – Nordstrom Rack