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Outdoor Capsule

Now that Summer has arrived I’m excited to spend a lot more time out in the sunshine! Though I’d place myself more in the “overdressed” category, I knew it’d be useful to have more casual items that could handle the dirt and wet of Summer. Whether going for a long walk, bike ride, or up north, I think these items will serve me well for many years to come.


For daytime clothes, I’m sticking to a simple tank + shorts formula. The muscle tank silhouette protects my décolletage and upper back from the sun while the open arms allow for airflow.


For nightime and cooler weather (and to protect against bugs,) I’ve included tennis shoes, long pants, and a thin topper.


Next I have accessories I’ll need like walking sandals, sunglasses, a sunhat, and fanny pack.


A bathing suit for water time.


Then I have essential toiletries. Lip balm, tinted sunscreen for my face, regular mineral sunscreen for my body, hand sanitizer, and natural bug spray.


Last but not least is nutrition. Water, snacks, and my vitamins in a portable case which all fit in the fanny pack.