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Fall Forward

We’re back to my favorite season! A change from the past few years is I’m out and about more (required unfortunately.) But the positive means I get to have fun with dressing again!

In previous posts I separated my wish list from my styling post but I thought I’d combine them this go around. I kept a running list all year and was able to find some things over the Spring & Summer instead of waiting until Fall began. Here’s what I added to my wardrobe this season and some thoughts on why as well. 


Camel Pocket Bag Blazer (69) $350

I got this in black last year and LOVE it, especially for travel. The giant pockets hold entire worlds, the denim is great for multiple seasons, and the cut is very wide and comfortable. I wanted to get this additional color for a lighter neutral option which I know will mix and match with so much.


Red Hoodie (Everybody.World) $120

I realized one rainy Summer day I didn’t have a hooded sweatshirt anymore. This is mainly because I don’t really consider them my style and once old ones no longer fit I got rid of them and didn’t replace them. The closest I have is a lounge robe made of stretchy jersey cotton. Well I saw this bright red beauty from a new-to-me brand and added it to the list. 100% cotton, a boxy fit with room in the chest, and my fav color? This will surely last me some years.  


Oversized White button ups (Nordstrom) $50 & $46

Found both of these in the anniversary sale. I was looking to replace one I thrifted awhile back that is more fitted and is made of a brushed cotton/flannel fabric. It also only has 1 chest pocket which I have never liked the look of. One of these has no pockets, and the other has two, which are both my preferenceover just one.


Loose Jeans (Re/Done via Nordstrom Rack) $50

These fit amazingly well in my waist, tummy, and legs and I’m still surprised by it. They were also an incredible deal at over 80% off retail at Nordstrom Rack. 


Cream Loafers (Alohas) $123, on sale

I’ve wanted some loafers for some years now, but not in the standard black. Looked a bit for a chunky style in this lighter hue and found these. I’ve heard positive reviews about the brand being comfortable, which is a must for any shoes I buy now.


Abstract Shape Tote (Primecut Bags) $348

Fell in love with this as soon as they released it over the summer. I’d been on the lookout for a new work bag and this one is the perfect combo of fun & me.



Striped Sweater $236


Check back later to see how I’m styling them!

Pops of Yellow

So you all know red has been my fav color for years now. I still very much love red, but actually see it as more of a “neutral” in my wardrobe and have been wanting to have another accent color to play with. 

Enter bright yellow! 

There’s something undeniably happy about this sunshine hue and I love how it looks with not only red, but black, white, and my other main colors: camel & light denim.

So far I have some yellow accessories and I finally found a bright gel polish after YEARS of searching. 

Here’s how I’m adding yellow into my fall wardrobe.


MI Fashion Week


After wanting to go to this event for years, I finally was able to attend for a short time. Brought the baby cam to capture any fun looks for Sheek but I was blown away by the amount of photographers that were there. Some were hired, others were shooting for their blogs like I was. 

It was rejuvenating to be around creative folks, and I was reminded again of my passion I haven’t been able to do while working remotely. Design pays the bills, but doesn’t feel as fulfilling to my soul as photography.

Here are some of my fav looks below!

Sights from Summer

No crushed coils here, only sun protection and a fun print that matches my wardrobe!


Baby’s first pair of (bought) skates!


Nothing shows the tan off better than neon.


Summer essentials.


Been wearing these squishy slides as house shoes all season, the comfort can’t be beat!



Silver Jewelry

Originally made this post in March 2021, but since then things have changed! I’m still rocking silver, just leaning into a few sterling favorites for day-to-day wear. Some are coated brass, but they have that same warm tone sterling has so they go really well together.


1st chain – Lady Grey | 2nd Chain – local art fair | 3rd chain – Wolf Circus Jewelry | Power Fist & Africa pendants from Solid Treasures | Eye pendant from Etsy

Love the look of stacking necklaces now!



Stacks from Etsy | small cuff from Wolf Circus Jewelry | Large triple abstract circles & circle/oval ones from local vintage shop |
Triple cuffs from Lady Grey | Afro picks & Africa outline from Amazulu


Of all the items pictured above, these are my most favorite pieces that I reach for again and again.


I don’t wear rings or bracelets, but do enjoy a nice anklet in the Summer. These are the latest additions (from Jenny Bird) which look great layered together on one or on each ankle separately. They have a great shine and really pop on the tan!  

Transitional Tips

Summer is probably my least favorite season in terms of style whereas Fall is my forever champion. When it’s very hot, I wear as little as I possibly can at home. If in a work setting, I focus on loose silhouettes and lightweight fabrics. Once it cools down, I am ecstatic to start layering again.

September is still quite warm now (thanks climate emergency) but I am able to add in more Fall elements as the season progresses. Here are some ways I transition from minimal looks to maximalist creations.  



As I mentioned earlier, I wear as little as possible when it’s hot. Though I have been rocking minimal silver studs and my Africa pendant, those are it. Recently picked up this chunkier chain which I think will look great with button ups and turtlenecks later in the season.

Watches have actually been one of my favorite accessories for years (and useful too) so now is a great time I like to start wearing them again.



One of my favorite style elements of a look is to see an unexpected pop of color or pattern from socks. They’re not only functional to help stave off the chill, they’re fun too. I think they’re cute with derbys and mary janes in Spring, but in Fall I go for more practical sneakers or boots.



Love when a piece is versatile and can be worn multiple ways. I like to keep on wearing lightweight summer dresses open as dusters once things cool down.

Outdoor Capsule

Now that Summer has arrived I’m excited to spend a lot more time out in the sunshine! Though I’d place myself more in the “overdressed” category, I knew it’d be useful to have more casual items that could handle the dirt and wet of Summer. Whether going for a long walk, bike ride, or up north, I think these items will serve me well for many years to come.


For daytime clothes, I’m sticking to a simple tank + shorts formula. The muscle tank silhouette protects my décolletage and upper back from the sun while the open arms allow for airflow.


For nightime and cooler weather (and to protect against bugs,) I’ve included tennis shoes, long pants, and a thin topper.


Next I have accessories I’ll need like walking sandals, sunglasses, a sunhat, and fanny pack.


A bathing suit for water time.


Then I have essential toiletries. Lip balm, tinted sunscreen for my face, regular mineral sunscreen for my body, hand sanitizer, and natural bug spray.


Last but not least is nutrition. Water, snacks, and my vitamins in a portable case which all fit in the fanny pack.

Room Tour

Here are some views of my office/style room! There are still a few things I’d like to adjust (more photography prints, a hook for my camera, and decide what to put in that chevron basket haha.) The rack will change seasonally and/or when I want to try a different theme. Otherwise, most everything is set. Hope you’re inspired!




Copper rack – Etsy

Copper hangars – At Home

White wall shelves, frames, small cabinets – Ikea

Chair – Wayfair

Bamboo floor protector mat – Office Depot

Grey cart, desk, lamp – Target

Rose gold drum table – Goodwill

Mirror, rug – hand-me-downs from mom

12 in 21

As the years have progressed, I’ve been steadily tracking my spending on clothing. Though I’d say the overall volume has decreased since my fast fashion/thriftaholic days, the cost has risen because slow fashion is much more expensive. I would like to work on lowering both the amount of apparel I buy as well as how much I spend on it.

Amelia (@ameliaswardrobeedit) proposed the idea of limiting ourselves to just 12 items–1 item per month–for this new year. I’m going to try my very best to stick with this because I honestly have more than enough clothes and so many are really comfy, well made favorites.


Some guidelines for myself:

At least half (6) of the items will be from BIPOC owned brands.

*I originally was counting shoes in the 12, but decided to separate them into their own list.

Accessories, underwear/lounge, secondhand, replacements, and self made items won’t count.

Each month I will update this post with the item I went with and details about it.


Clothing purchased so far: 12


Vestige Story kindred sweatshirt (BIPOC owned)


7115 by Szeki black sumo puffer (BIPOC owned)


Tradlands augusta floral dress 


Aliya Wanek britt dress (BIPOC owned)


Ichi Antiquités linen gather dress (BIPOC owned)


Sotela gingham top, shorts, & skirt (BIPOC owned)


Eli & Barry grid dress 


Nettle Studio smiley button up

Image from


STATE punch shirt (on sale)


Intentionally Blank canta dress

Image from


Vacilando Studios red quilt jacket

Image from @vacilandostudios


Ijji Trench (BIPOC owned)


Shoes purchased so far: 6


Camper Pix boots (on sale)


Bryr black norma stack sandal


Beatrice Valenzuela lichen sandalias (BIPOC owned)


Zou Xou quinta woven slide (BIPOC owned)


THEY sneakers (BIPOC owned)

Image from

Make list

Here are some sewing projects I’m planning to make:

-Face print midi dress (made!)


-Red canvas sun hat (made!)

-Floral print boxy top

-Red canvas clyde trousers

Winter Style

This will be a Winter of practicality because I’ll only be going out for necessities like groceries and the like. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with layers! My base look remains consistent throughout winter; varying turtlenecks and jeans.

New color palette to try:

Primary: Red + Yellow + Blue

Outfit formulas-

Faces coat + white boots

White puffer coat + blue beanie + yellow scarf + rorange gloves + white boots

Camel coat + camel & abstract shape scarf + rorange beanie + cream gloves + black boots

Rorange coat + cream beanie + black gloves + black boots


Until next time, stay Sheek!